Earth Day & Dental Care

By April 22, 2015Blog

earth Day dental care

How can your Earth Day Dental Care make a Difference?

Your Dental Care Routine can help care for the Earth on Earth Day and Every Day. Did you know that if you leave the water running when you brush your teeth you are wasting approximately 5 gallons of water? Sounds small but that equates to 3360 gallons over one year!

This Earth Day make yourself a promise to reduce the amount of water that you use while brushing. Teeth kids the importance of saving our planet and turning off the water while brushing as well.

Remember to recycle your plastic mouthwash bottles. When it is time to replace used toothbrushes, consider putting it to work in other ways, such as when doing your household chores. The soft bristles are great for cleaning grout and hard to reach places.

Conserving water, recycling, and limiting the amount of energy we use are simple ways to respect our planet and maintain a healthy smile at the same time.