Happy Presidents’ Day: The Presidents and Their Teeth

By February 16, 2015Blog
Happy Presidents’ Day from SoCal Dental Care!neda
In honor of Presidents’ Day, we are going to explore the dental histories of some of our favorite United States Presidents.  You might be surprised to learn what some of our presidents had done in the dentist chair.
George Washington: George Washington’s false teeth were almost as popular as he was.   Poor George Washington was an honest man, but historians love to tell lies about him and his teeth. Contrary to popular belief, our First President never had dentures made of wood–-they were made of ivory!  His dentures did not fit well which distorted his lips and made him look so stern in all his portraits. 

Abraham Lincoln: It’s rumored that Lincoln had a huge fear of going to the dentist, which started when a dentist mistakenly broke off part of his jaw bone while extracting a tooth–all without any anesthesia!   Following this incident, Lincoln avoided the dentist at all costs… not the best idea.

John Adams: John Adams apparently didn’t do his twice-yearly Dental Checkups.  He also started smoking when he was just 8 years old… those two combined might have been what caused him to lose all his teeth!  He refused to wear fake ones, resulting in a lisp

Woodrow Wilson: People were astonished to see the President had such horrible teeth after viewing this picture taken at his 1913 inauguration.  Interestingly, poor dentition has been suspected to increase the risk of strokes…which President Wilson suffered from later on in his presidency!


Our President and First Lady sure do take care of their teeth, though. Check out Michelle and Barack Obama‘s Dazzling Whites.

neda Barack Obama

With the advances in dentistry, hopefully you won’t suffer the same fate as our (past) presidents.  Visit your dentist at SoCal Dental Care and get your pearly whites checked out!

Have a great Presidents Day!