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One of the side effects of physiological aging is the loss of teeth; however, according to a report published in the International Journal of Dentistry (1), investigators reported that more people lose teeth due to periodontal disease and dental caries. Other common causes of tooth loss are:

  • diIatrogenic factors
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthetic indications
  • Eruption problems
  • Trauma
  • Occlusal problems
  • Third molar-eruption disorders

A complete set of healthy teeth give structure and functional stability to the face; in addition to supporting other vital functions such as chewing, talking, and communicating properly. For individuals without a complete set of teeth, social communication can be quiet embarrassing along with issues such as inability to eat cold or hot food etc.

Most people never get used to the empty socket in their oral cavity that not only compromises the functional operations of the oral cavity but also endangers the integrity of other teeth. Dental implants have solved this issue and has been classified as a reliable and efficient method of replacing the natural set of teeth.

Why do you need Dental Implants after tooth loss?

  • Feasibility in eating: since dental implants mimic the natural teeth by occupying the natural grooves present in the jaw; natural chewing function can be achieved.
  • Superior to dentures: Dental implants are considered superior to partial dentures that may compromise the cleaning of teeth (due to risk of impaction of food particles while eating) that may also affect the oral hygiene. In addition, with partial dentures there is always a risk of damaging them while eating hard-foods.
  • Better speech: Since teeth are responsible for the proper alignment of jaw bones and oral contour; proper fitting dental implants can help with speech and articulation with the help of specific movement of the facial muscles (that are needed for proper pronunciation of words). Also since there is no fear of dental apertures sliding or slipping while talking, the person can be more confident with his communication skills.
  • Appearance: Dental implants are designed in such a way that they fuse with the natural bone; therefore help in maintaining a natural appearance of the individual.
  • Longer lasting: Dental implants have a fairly long life. According to a research published in Clinical Oral Implant Research (2), investigators suggested that average survival rate of dental implants is 16 years (in 82.94% cases).

Method of Dental Implants

There are two main components of a dental implants.

  • Placement of the implant in the jaw bone (a man-made root) that serves as anchor
  • A customized tooth that is attached to the anchor for support and protection.

The first phase is usually performed under local anesthesia. The procedure is pain-free and is not associated with any discomfort/ pain/ foreign body sensation. Once this phase is completed, follow up checkups are made to ensure proper fitting and cleaning of the dental implants and to see the progress of bone healing around the implant.

Once the bone adaption and securing of the implant is finished; your dentist will secure the customized tooth on the implant.

Who needs dental implants?

Any individual with missing teeth due to age, trauma, or pathological reasons is an ideal candidate for dental implants. To decide for the number and type of implants needed, your dentist may carry out a complete examination including x-rays and impressions etc.

Proper fitting dental implants also serve these functions:

  • Misalignment of other teeth adjacent to the empty tooth socket
  • Prevention of eruption of adjacent teeth in the open space
  • Prevention of bone loss and osteoporosis
  • Maintenance of the integrity of other teeth

Associated risks and concerns with Dental Implants:

Dental implants are classified as a minor surgical procedure and may be associated with some minor complications depending on patient factors. However, if performed in expert hands, the procedure is generally safe and yields promising results.

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