Saundre S.

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Solouki is AMAZING!

I hadn’t had dental insurance for a long time so as soon as I got a new job that offered insurance, I was on the HUNT for the best dentist EVER. My cousin, who always has the best doctors in her back pocket, told me about her dentist, Dr. Solouki (aka Dr. Sherry). I sent Dr. Sherry a text message and she was so inviting and responsive.

When I arrived at her office, which is now located in North Hollywood, it was clean and spacious! After doing the customary paperwork, her friendly staff instantly got to work by taking my X-rays and getting me prepped for Dr. Sherry. After Dr. Sherry saw my X-Rays and did an oral examination, she developed a plan of attack.

The whole time I was at Dr. Sherry’s office, I felt like she was an old college friend. I am so fortunate to have found a dentist who is not only amazing at what she does but, actually cares about me as a patient.

If you are not happy with your dentist or if you need a dentist in general, you have to try Dr. Solouki out!

Corlin R.

Los Angeles, CA

Who would have guessed that I would say going to the dentist is now a pleasure. I had been putting off repairing a broken crown, a result of grinding my teeth for years.

I didn’t want to deal with a dentist trying to sell me additional treatments.

A friend suggested I go to Dr. Solouki. I am so thankful for the referral. Dr. Solouki made me feel relaxed and suggested what I do, but told me what was necessary and what she could hold off on doing.

Dana Y.

San Fernando Valley, CA

I was very unhappy with my smile, and I would always try and hide it because my teeth were very crooked. I used to have metal braces as a teenager, but my teeth went back to being crowded. I didn’t want to go back to braces as an adult because its so ugly and time consuming. Dr. Solouki suggested Invisalign. She made the process so easy, comfortable and people barely noticed that I have them on! she did an amazing job and I was highly satisfied with her care because she truly pays attention to YOUR needs. Thanks to Dr. Solouki I have an amazing smile now :-D

Dana B.

Los Angeles, CA

I had to get a lot of work done on my teeth and my friend recommended Dr. Solouki. I hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Solouki made the whole experience so much better. First of all, her personality is so likable and she is so pleasant! Seems like she truly cares for her patients and that is so rare nowadays! Second, she is very thorough and very knowledgeable. Third, although I had a lot of procedures done I really wasn’t in a lot of pain.. Even when she pulled out my wisdom teeth, surprisingly. And the best thing was that Dr. Solouki called to follow up on how I was feeling herself. A truly great dentist, I highly recommend her.

Debbie T.

Sherman Oaks, CA

She was wonderful! I went to Dr. Solouki for a routine teeth cleaning. After doing a thorough check of my mouth, she suggested that it was necessary to have a deep cleaning – I had periodontal pockets at 4 and 5 millimeters in my back teeth. I was a bit aprehensive, as I’d never done this before and heard that it was painful. But, she talked me through every step of the process. She did a great job of explaining why it was imparative to get the procedure done before I jeopardize my teeth and periodontal health. I felt no pain during the cleaning, and was pleasantly surprised that I felt no pain after the numbing medication wore off. If you’re looking for a good dentist, I highly recommend her!

Jacob V.

Pacoima, CA

The best dental experience I’ve had so far, I had always had a fear of dentist as a child. I had many dental visits and each one seemed worse than the next especially with the sedation. I decided to have my work done with Dr. Danny because he was confident of what he was doing and reassured me there would be no discomfort. The procedure for 2 fillings and a crown took about an hour but seemed like less and more surprisingly I barely felt the injections. When it came time to put in the crown I was in and out in about half an hour. After all the work I can chew normally without any aches and I now have a dentist for life. I would highly recommend people with tooth aches or even people who are due for a check up to Dr. Danny, he is simply the best!!!

Kathy A.

Encino, CA

Dr. Aframian is the best dentist in town! He is very thorough, patient and caring. He takes care of my entire families dental needs. He is also wonderful with children and his prices are great. I would recommend him to anyone in need of dental work!

Jessica S.

Santa Monica, CA

I met my dentist, Dr. Shamoeil, when he was working at another practice. He made me feel comfortable, taken care of and very at ease. When he opened his office in North Hollywood a few months back, I was happy to stick with him.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shamoeil for a few years now and I have been so pleased with his service. He is honest and truly cares for my well being, something which I cannot say about many of the dentists I have gone to in the past. Dr. Shamoeil is one of the few dentists that knows how to put me at ease in the dental chair.  He always walks me through each procedure as he is performing it so I know what’s coming next.

This new office is beautiful, clean and the staff is very attentive, kind and caring. I have referred many friends and family members to Dr. Shamoeil and they have all been very happy.

Dan Y.

Encino, CA

I just had my first visit with Dr. Danny and I would highly recommend him. This office is very large, modern, and spacious. His staff is very friendly and attentive. He made me feel so comfortable and explained everything to me in detail. He took his time to explain how I should be flossing and brushing and made sure I would feel no pain what so ever! I  did not feel rushed at all either. I’m so glad to have found such a great dentist and I highly recommend him and this office.