Top Foods That Stain Your Teeth

By March 19, 2015Blog

It starts in the morning. Most of us enjoy a delicious morning coffee or tea on a daily basis without really thinking about the teeth staining effects that some of our favorite foods and beverages have on our teeth. Throughout the day many of us enjoy an array of other foods that really can change the color of our teeth. From what beverage you choose for your morning, to the sauce you pair with lunch, these are foods to be aware of, and it helps to keep a brush at your desk.

The Dentists at SoCal Dental Care in Los Angeles, California are here to help! Read below to learn more about some of your favorite foods that may stain your teeth and some easy tips to avoid permanent stains.

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Sometimes, you can’t avoid these foods — and so many of them are delicious and healthy choices that we love. Although depriving yourself of fresh summer fruits and berries isn’t an option, there are some things you can do to help fight stains and prevent them from forming onto your pearly whites.

1. Dr. Homan Shamoeil of SoCalDental Care suggests,  “Don’t let stain-causing foods and drinks stay in your mouth for long. If you are drinking coffee, don’t let your drink lag on for hours. Rather, enjoy your coffee in 20 to 30 minutes or less. Or better yet, use a straw to avoid contact with your teeth. It’s also important to rinse and brush after eating”.

2. Another tip is to follow all meals with a quick rinse or some water. According to Dr. Sherry Solouki of SoCalDental Care, “it’s best to brush or rinse your mouth after every meal, even small snacks. I often tell my patients to have a bottle of water with them and do a quick rinse or take a drink after each meal. This way you are ensuring that your teeth area  bit cleaner throughout the day and reduce the risk of staining”.

3. Lastly, Doctor Danny Aframian of SoCal Dental Care give us the top five teeth staining foods that we should try to avoid:

  • Tea
    Tea has many great health benefits, but black teas and other dark-hued teas can cause teeth staining. Try green, white, or herbal teas.
  • Berries
    Berries like blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and other brightly colored fruits can stain teeth. The juices from berry pies or tarts can also cause discoloration. Try opting for light colored grapes instead or just be sure to brush and floss because the acidic components can harm tooth enamel.
  • Red Wine
    Who can resist a glass of red wine with a nice dinner? Just make sure to drink water and swoosh it around in your mouth in between sips, because the acidic content of red wine can cause staining and wear away tooth enamel
  • Hard Candy
    You know how candy sometimes turns your mouth and tongue a different color? Well, it does the same to your teeth. Eat these candies in moderation to avoid permanent teeth staining.
  • Coffee
    Dark roast coffee is a known culprit of staining teeth. Try adding some milk or cream to help dilute some of the pigment, and make sure to drink water afterwards.

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