Wedding Season Calls for Pearly Whites

By April 8, 2015Blog

bridal teeth whiteningWedding Season is around the corner! Get gorgeous White Teeth for your big day at SoCal Dental Care .

On your wedding day, you’ll be smiling from the sun up to sun down. Make sure your teeth are up for the challenge and the perfect match to your flawless white dress.

According to a survey was done by, 48 percent of brides opt for teeth whitening treatments before walking down the aisle. With teeth discoloration and staining attributed to popular pastimes, such as drinking red wine, coffee and tea, smoking, as well as taking antibiotics during childhood, it’s no wonder most of us could do with some sort of brightening procedure.

‘The most appropriate time for a bride to whiten her teeth is about a month before her wedding, so she doesn’t risk having sensitive teeth on the big day,’ says Dr. Homan Shamoeil of SoCal Dental Care.

And as for whitening toothpaste, Dr. Shamoeil doesn’t recommend them. ‘They are only effective in removing surface stains, and won’t change the real color. They are also abrasive; I’ve treated many patients with sensitivity, due to incorrect use,’ he cautions.

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