Dr. Sherry Solouki

A Southern California native, Dr. Sherry Solouki is an accredited dentist who holds a strong passion for her profession. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Los Angeles and then graduated from the esteemed University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Her dedication earned her a coveted placement on the Dean’s List multiple times and she graduated with highest honors earlier than most of her colleagues.

Dr. Solouki’s preventive and comprehensive approach to dental procedures focuses on long lasting health, retention of functionality and aesthetics. She discusses biocompatibility with her clients and strives to educate them on the material choices, procedures, and maintenance of oral health and hygiene.

She finds particular enjoyment in exploring and researching innovative dental technologies and aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry. Her love for creativity and artistic qualities makes her a brilliant cosmetic dentist. Beyond her clinical and academic achievements, patients mostly know Dr. Solouki for her caring nature and friendly personality. She has earned huge recognition and appreciation from her clients for her personalized treatment plans and caring approach.

Dr. Solouki speaks English, Farsi, and is learning Spanish.

Dr. Homan Shamoeil

Also a native of the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Homan Shamoeil has experience in Oral Surgery. After earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000, Dr. Shamoeil chose to further his education and was accepted into the Ostrow School of Dentistry at University of Southern California. Through strong work ethic and enthusiasm for healthcare, Dr. Shamoeil received standing on the dean’s list at both universities.

Dr. Shamoeil’s approach to preventative and cosmetic dental care is supported by his extensive knowledge and experience in dental hygiene and nutrition. He is a firm believer that optimal oral health is the key to physical and emotional health. Additionally, Dr. Shamoeil has become well acquainted with Biomimetic dentistry, an option that he finds favorable for many patients by conserving teeth and preventing bacterial invasion. Dr. Shamoeil continues to expand his knowledge of innovative and life-changing dental procedures by staying current with literature and research.

Dr. Shamoeil speaks English, Farsi and is learning Spanish.

Dr. Danny Aframian

A native of the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Aframian earned his Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2004, before pursuing his dream to become a dentist from prestigious Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. While still studying, Dr. Aframian was drawn to surgical approaches that may help in saving natural teeth. Dr. Aframian has worked with exceptional and most respected dentists in the world to polish his clinical skills. He was placed on the dean’s list multiple times and won a couple awards for his outstanding achievements in Endodontics. He was also selected to be an instructor for an endodontic selective class at USC. His strong passion for excellence, innovation, technology and learning has earned him healthy relationships with his patients.

Dr. Aframian speaks English, Hebrew, and is learning Spanish.